Monday, September 7, 2009

Collier Memorial State Park , Oregon

Located off Highway 97N at the confluence of Williamson river and Spring Creek, Collier Memorial State Park is one of the hidden gems in Southern Oregon, perhaps hidden due to much famous Crater Lake National Park located just over 40 minutes away.

Key attractions:
  1. Outdoor logging equipment museum
  2. Paddle in spring creek from Spring creek day use area upstream to the headwaters (40 min each way).

Spring creek is a gently flowing stream of cold water over sand and silt. The water has amazing clarity and appears turquoise blue. The creek is barely 50 feet wide and no more than waist deep in most parts. When you reach the headwaters, one can see the sand dance as water oozes out of earth. A rare form of bacteria (Algae) colony growing in form of spherical balls called “Mares eggs” can be seen on river bed.


Mares Eggs

Paddling in the blue water of Spring Creek @ Collier Park


Lumbering equipment exhibits


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